Retyping email addresses

  1. Retyping email addresses

It's my blog and one of the main reasons I've started it is to complain about stuff.  This is my personal online shit list.  What is the first thing to make my shit list?  Web sites that ask me to enter my email address twice.  Is it a test to see if I know how to cut-n-paste?  Minor?  Perhaps.  Annoying? Definitely.


One thought on “Retyping email addresses

  1. Even worse is when the page designer inserts a script to disable copy and paste (government types love to do this.) An email address is not a password and is visible as you type it. When some website requires me to enter it twice the message I get is that they don’t trust my ability to proof what I just typed! Probably the best solution is an automated form filler, but I haven’t found one yet that works worth a damn.

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