Sundance 2011 Movie Reviews

Meek's Cutoff. Grade = C
Slow & Pretentious. Good acting by Bruce Greenwood & Will Patton though.
Like Crazy = Grade C-
A bad script didn't properly explain why these people loved or left each other. I cannot believe it won Grand Jury.
Take Shelter = Grade A-
Story was only OK, but great performances from Jessica Chastain & Michael Shannon and a smart script.
My Idiot Brother review: B. Paul Rudd nails it.  Could have been a great film if the script made him a bit less of an "idiot".
Red State Review: B.  Amazing performance by Michael Parks will make him a star.  very awesome half of a film, followed by lame ending.
Terri Review: B+.  John C. Reilly is very funny.  Smart script well directed…but there's no story. Just a fat kid being a loner. #sundance
The Troll Hunter Review: B+. "The Office" only in the woods, chasing giant trolls. Very serious work, very funny. Slow in places.
Another Earth Review: B. I didn't care about the main character. Brit Marling is great & gorgeous. Cahill seems like the coolest guy.

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